I have been in Feline Rescue for almost two decades and monitor colonies near the river and in orchards in my locality. I have used  thousands of dollars each and every year  from my Chihuahua puppy sales to support this rescue efforts. With appreciation to our customers.
Chihuahua Supplement life saving
Puppy Sales Fund Feline Rescue 17 years Now
Were you aware that Veterinarians must spend over $150,000 and study for 8 years in an accredited school before they can give a puppy a simple vaccine shot? Yet, dog breeders produce the very LIVES of puppies without any credentials to prove competency. The medical treatment of a young dog with early degenerative disease is often due to unethical dog brokers and careless breeders without knowledge of canine genetics,microbiology, parasitology and pathology. Healthy Chihuahua puppies  come from knowledgeable dog breeder who specializes in one breed, and with years of experience.
On Sep 21, 2018, at 12:07 PM, Jesse Wilde <jessewilde@verizon.net> wrote:
Hi Debra...  hope you are doing well. Mindy is a beautiful and loving pup.
She has captured everyone’s heart. She sure has Kathleen’s & my heart.
She is happy sleeping in her play pen and enjoying life. She has a cousin Ted who is my Sister's Terrier.  Mindy is also going to be in a tv series with me. We start filming this coming Oct. 
I’m preparing fir a principle role in a TV movie called Deadwood.  We start filming in the coming Oct. also. I’ll be filming for a couple of weeks.  Possibly more.
  We are very happy that you had Mindy waiting for us to bring home. 
You have done a remarkable thing in caring for and preparing Mindy for her new forever home.  I will keep you up dated with Mindy’s adventures and her family that love her very much. Take care Debra and continue to have such terrific pups that are healthy, happy & prepared to capture a family’s heart. Thank you again Debra. We have the best pup any family would be happy and proud to have.
Best regards, Jesse & Kathleen

JD Deutschmann <jjd72003@yahoo.com>
Subject: Puppies
My name is JD Deutschmann. I'm contacting you because if you are considering a pup from Debbie, you need to buy it.My wife and I Cathy have no children and decided to buy a chihuahua about 3 years ago. I searched locally first, then reached out around the country cause this was going to be our child.Well we now have 3 Shooter, Rex, and Girly and can't tell you which is more perfect. Our vet, Dr. Firmin(Slidell,la) describes them as "Perfect specimen of the Chihuahua breed."We were a bit apprehensive buying and flying a puppy we had never seen from California, but we rolled the dice. All three were more than what she represented online and verbally and we couldn't be happier with all three of them. If you wish to discuss further , feel free to call me 504-450-6330
October 6, 2017
I bought my Chihuahua puppy from Debra in September 2017. At first I was very apprehensive about purchasing a puppy online. With all the scams out there, it was a direction I was not sure I wanted to go. I came across Debra’s web page and found the puppy for me. She was beautiful! I called Debra and spoke with her in length about Lilly and the Chihuahua breed in general. She was very knowledgeable and willing to answer all my questions and address all my concerns.
When I got Lilly home, I was surprised to find she was potty trained. She was playful and happy and seemed in perfect health. I follow the rules of the contract and got her in to my Vet for a health checkup. My Vet said my puppy was very healthy and he took a stool sample to have sent outcame out clean
No Parvo ....No Flees/Ticks.....No Health issue’s! No Worms
I just want to say Thank You Debra, not only did you sell me the perfect Chihuahua puppy, but you have been there to call when I have had other questions regarding Lilly after my purchase. I want to give my endorsement of this breeder to anyone wanting a perfect Chihuahua puppy. I have had Lily now over a month and she continues to do great. She is very smart and has become my best friend. We love her! If anyone wants to contact me regarding my experience with Debra, please feel free to email me and I will be glad to speak with you,Michelle

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Date: June 25, 2019 at 1:48:05 PM PDT
Subject: Remember this little guy?
Hi Debra, It is Conan’s (formerly Ohlala) birthday today. He is 4 years old! It was 3 years ago when we picked him up from you near the Bass Pro Shop.
Conan is doing so well. We love him so much. He travels everywhere with us and gets tons of attention wherever we go.
I don’t know if you remember, but we live in Russia which is a very dog friendly country - Conan goes to restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores with us. :)
He is an amazing dog. So mellow and sweet. I am very grateful to have him.
I thought of you today when I made the picture collage below because the picture of Conan at 4 months old was the one I first saw on your website and fell in love with him.
I hope all is well with you and your Chihuahuas.
Warmly, Kristina Cevallos

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