Many of you know that taking a child to the Pediatricians office holds risk for your child picking up a virus from another sick child but you would not have to worry about your child picking up a FATAL illness from the well visit though! It is not the same when taking your puppy to the Veterinarian. Your puppy CAN pick up a FATAL case of Parvo or Distemper if an infected puppy was at the Vet's office before you.

Most Vet's offices are clean to the naked eye, but grab a microscope and be prepared for an anxiety attack, at least if you are a neurotic like I am. The Veterinarian visit is one of the most  dangerous exposures your puppy will encounter in the early weeks.  Remember that not only healthy dogs go to the Vet but sick puppies who have kennel cough diseases, deadly Distemper and Parvo also go.

Spray the bottom of your shoes with lysol BEFORE you go so that when you step on the germs left by sick dogs, the lysol on your shoe bottoms may kill the pathogens.
Have a gel sanitizer for your hands and use before and after you leave the Vet office.
Keep your puppy inside a carrier that has a light blanket covering it while in the office. Do not bring the puppy out to show off.
Do not let the Veterinarian assistant take your puppy to a back area to weigh your puppy as the sick pups are in the back.

If they do bring in a scale, place a paper towel on the scale before placing your puppy on the scale.

Have your own digital thermometer ready to use if you see the nurse does not use plastic probe covers on the thermometer she uses for all puppies. You do not want  micro poop particles from a sick puppy placed into your puppies butt, so a quick wipe of a dirty thermometer with an alcohol wipe is just not good enough.

Do not be overly friendly to other people in the waiting room  or they may allow their children to approach you and children carry all kids of germs they can pass to the puppy as well as pathogens they picked up off their own pets.

Change your clothes when you get home.
Wash  the sanitizing gel off of your hands as puppies love to lick.
Bacteria, virus and micro poop particles