Getting Started - REST- NO  constant  running around and visiting everyone the first 2 weeks
Puppies are not used to running all over my home. They are in playpens with a playmate. Please do not allow your puppy to run all over longer then an hour at a time and then place back in playpen for a couple hours. You can set your playpen up with baby mobiles, toys, bed at one side, also potty area at other side. The first couple of weeks a slow quiet lifestyle is vital because a change is environment is stressful and puppy needs peace. Please no going all over showing everyone your puppy for at least one week, better if two weeks.

If Puppy Will Be Home Alone  Over 3 Hours Aday You Need To Provide Visual and Audio Stimulation
Place the puppy playpen near a television and put on a news or children's channel so the puppy can hear voices and see people. Placement of playpen near a window so the puppy can see outside as well as baby mobiles hooked to top of playpen will provide visuals. A radio can provide audio. Your puppy will not be depressed if you provide sound and visual stimulation while you are at work. On extra small puppies you will need someone to go home middle of day to give puppy supplementation.  Puppies grow each month and this is a temporary situation..

If both owners work, Please consider setting up indoor monitor system so you can watch your puppy from work
If you are gone longer then a few hours aday ( while puppy is under 5 months)  OR of  your puppy is extra tiny then you should take extra precautions such as a monitoring system and  hiring someone to go and play with your puppy and provide supplement middle of the day. Remember puppies grow but as long as the puppy is a baby they should not be home alone longer then 3 hours ( micro teacup) a or 4 hours( teacup/tiny toy) unless someone goes in to play with them and to give a supplement, Each month that goes by an extra hour can be added to the amount of time you are gone each day without needing to have someone go in or give a supplement,

Pet Safe Heating Pads
Once a teacup Chihuahua puppies reach 6 months in age, they go from a frail puppy to a sturdy little dog, and most no longer require alot of  special care, BUT those 3 lbs and under  will continue to require supplements and more supervision.A simple, but critical item every new owner should have is a heating pad. Yes, caring for your teacup Chihuahua puppy means keeping them warm, even in summer if you keep your ac on and temp of house is under 72 degrees, a heating pad  should be used at night. Basically, if the temperature in your home ever falls below 75F degrees, then I would recommend getting a heating pad for your puppy to keep them warm IF PUPPY WISHES. Never force a puppy to remain on a heating pad

Now, there are two types of heating pads. There's one kind made for humans, and another made for animals. The difference between them is the maximum temperature they are capable of reaching. Human heating pads generally run hotter than dog heating pads, even on lower settings. Obviously if you have the choice, find one that is designed for dogs. If you use a human type then wrap in a thing towel and cover cord with cloth. USe on low heat sitting

Electrical Dangers
While your puppy is now much warmer thanks to the heating pad, there are new dangers that you need to be aware of, and they have to do with the electrical wires scattered around your home. These can stem from computers, televisions, kitchen appliances, air cleaners, vacuums, and so on. The wires pose a real threat to your puppy, because dogs have a tendency to chew on things and Chihuahuas are no exception to that rule. It's necessary, then, for you to cover any exposed electrical cords. You can do this by purchasing electrical cord covers from a local store in your area. Be sure to buy a cover that is made out of a hard enough material that prevents any kind of chewing. These covers are beneficial for both younger and older dogs.

Children - Keep an Eye on Them for the Safety of Your Dog
Imagine being stuck on a rollercoaster with no way of getting off, you begin to feel nauseous and, well, that'd probably be the worst ride of your life. Similarly, small puppies can be put into this situation when young kids pick them up and carry them around. The kids likely have good intentions, but dogs typically prefer to stay close to the ground, where it's nice and stable.
Thus, it's really up to you to prevent this situation from occurring. This type of situation can actually be dangerous for a Chihuahua, because being carried around can cause nausea, and nausea can ruin a puppy's appetite. If a puppy's not eating, especially at such a young age, there's a possibility for low blood sugar to manifest itself, and that's real bad for any dog!Now that you are aware of the dangers children can bring to the table, it would be wise to watch over them when they are near or if they are interacting with the small puppy.

Flea Treatment
Fleas! A filthy insect! At some point, most people have to deal with these annoying parasites, so learning how to handle them now will prepare you for when they appear; a must for any owner!
The best way, I've found, is to use Frontline or Advantage, given on the nap of the neck every 2 months. Just two drops on a puppy under 5 months . It's usually safe at this low dosage , effective, and lasts a good amount of time. Flea medications you should NOT be given through the mouth, as these can be even more dangerous to your puppy than the fleas themselves.


Puppies can burn through calories at an extremely rapid pace because of how active they tend to be. This can be dangerous because sometimes the puppy burn through more calories than they are taking in, which then leads to low blood sugar.
One way to prevent this from happening is using a calorie supplement, known as Nutrical. Give your tiny Chihuahua some of this during the middle of the day.

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And that just about does it for this puppy care guide. After reading through it, I hope you are better informed on how to care for your new, delicate and tiny Chihuahua puppy, and that you utilize this information to the fullest. This puppy care guide can help your teacup puppy grow into a healthy, full grown dog, that you and your family can love for a very long time!

Puppy Care Guide

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