My front door home entrance.Our current dining room. No more carpet and litter robots to clean up after.Kitchen view from our dining area.Inside the kitchen.My kitchen again.Our cat, Fluffy, in the kitchen. I think I'll clean the counters once he's finished cooking!This is my bedroom.Another picture from inside my bedroom.My bathroom.This is another bathroom. And yes, that is a refridgerator. Some breeders have them in bathrooms, lol.Here's a picture of a puppy room we have.Another pic from the puppy room.A hand made converted crib, now used for older puppies and dogs.Another picture of the crib, fully opened.Different angle on the crib. Picture is from a relative's house.Rescued from a hospital. He was attacked by a pitbull, and his leg was shattered. He had a hard journey, but today he has fully recovered.The laundry room.Our outside porch area, enclosed so the cats can't get out.
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