1.What to do With a Puppy That Lacks An Appetite

A puppy with no appetite is a serious problem which needs to be solved quickly. A trip to the Veterinarian should be made for bloodwork and fecal exam. If tests are normal, you may have to forcefully feed your tiny puppy. If you are unsure how to do this, then drive them to a veterinarian and have him show you. If you want to attempt to treat a lack of appetite or hypoglycemia in the puppy on your own, use the following instructions:

1. Try and tempt the puppy with some delicious Gerber Babyfood meatsticks. Even puppies that don't seem to be very hungry will find these irresistible.

2. Use Nutrical three times a day on a puppy that's not eating. Give one inch of gel in the morning, one inch at noon, and one inch at night. While you are giving him nutrical throughout the day, also tempt him into eating Gerber Babyfood meatsticks or just regular meatsticks of any kind.

3. Try using a dropper and squeeze some Esbilac Puppy Milk or Goat's Milk into the puppy's mouth. You can also try to give him a little Nutrical.

4. Try using unflavored Pedialyte. Use a large, child sized medicine dropper and slowly squeeze the liquid into the puppies mouth. If the puppy is drinking water, consider putting some unflavored Pedialyte in their water. Add tsp sugar to water at night ( not daytime when you are awake and watchful)  with any pet having low blood sugar issues ( as long as pet doesn't have diabetes)

5. In extreme cases: 1 cc of Karo Syrup, given three times daily can help a puppy recover if they are severely weakened by low blood sugar. Nutrical puppy gel has some nutrition to it and is preferable

Severe loss of appetite is emergency and you must take puppy to a veterinarian. Have the veterinarian do a blood test and a fecal test to try and determine what may be wrong.

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1. Emergency if puppy refuses food.
2. What Do Puppies Eat - How to Feed a small breed puppies

Small Puppy Care Guide - Introduction

If you plan on purchasing a new puppy, whether it's one of my Chihuahua puppies for sale or another small breed of dog, you'll need to know how to feed them properly.

I'll tell you this, it's not as simple as placing some dry food next to them and calling it a day; it requires a bit more work than that, because this small feeding guide will help new puppy owners to feed their dogs the right way, and will help ensure that their tiny puppy grows into a happy, healthy dog.

Supplies - The Things You'll Need

These are the supplies I feel are absolutely necessary to have on hand for your new Chihuahua puppy. Most, if not all of these items can be found at your local grocery store or online.

1. Esbilac Puppy Milk OR Goats Milk

Esbilac Puppy Milk provides essential nutrition for a developing puppy. It gives them the necessary vitamins, minerals, and proteins which are very similar to a mom dog's milk. If you're unable to acquire Esbilac Puppy Milk, then Goat's Milk is a fine alternative, as it provides nearly the same amount of important nutrients a young puppy needs.

Note: For instructions on how to give this items to your puppy, skip to the Feeding Instructions part of this guide.

2. Gerber Baby Rice Flakes (This is optional. It's only for puppies who refuse to drink the Esbilac Puppy Milk or Goats Milk by itself.)

Sometimes, a puppy will refuse to drink Esbilac Puppy Milk and Goat's Milk, so Gerber Baby Rice Flakes is another fine alternative you can use if your puppy is refusing the former two items.

3. Dry Food: Eukanuba chicken formulas.

To prevent your puppy from having any digestive complications, finding dry foods with simple ingredients is key, and Eukanuba chicken forumlas has just that: simple ingredients. Your puppy shouldn't have any problems digesting this food, and they should also enjoy the great taste.

4. Nutrical

Nutrical is a handy calorie supplement to have. It's an easily disgested, low volume gel that you can give to your puppy. The reason I recommend Nutrical is because sometimes, small puppies will burn through more calories than they take in, which results in low blood sugar. To prevent this from happening, giving a Chihuahua puppy an inch of gel at midday, every day until it's gone, will go a long way in maintaining their health.

5. Karo Syrup, clear color

Karo Syrup serves as a potential life saver if your puppy, for whatever reason, is effected by low blood sugar. A sudden attack of low blood sugar can be lethal, so having Karo Syrup nearby to them by mouth is a real difference maker. For instructions on how to give Karo Syrup to a dog with low blood sugar, view the "What to do With a Puppy That Lacks an Appetite" part of this guide.

Feeding Instructions - For Teacup Puppies That Are under 2 lbs

1. Esbilac Puppy Milk or Goats Milk should be given two to three times a day. If the puppy is refusing to drink the milk, then try soaking some dry food in water and give that to them instead, twice a day.

2. Give them Nutrical once during midday on a daily basis until the tube is empty.

3. Make sure you always have dry food available for your puppy so they can eat whenever they are hungry. This is known as "free feeding." Additionally, always have a water bowl filled with water for the puppy.

Warning: Do not use canned dog or puppy foods to feed your puppy. It's extremely dangerous for tiny puppies. Canned food means any and all soft dogs foods, in the plastic containers and foil pouches. Although bacteria are killed during the canning process, the " toxic poop" made by the bacteria remain.Canned dog and puppy food contain endotoxins from bacteria. High heat is used in the canning process to kill bacteria, but this does not destroy  endotoxins ( the poop of bacteria).

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