This page goes into safe vaccine protocols for customers of ours. It also addresses my take pictures of puppies  that are reserved while you wait  to receive your puppy.Also How to Purchase from us.

1 Feeding.Please go to my FEEDING page to get a list of items you should have on hand and to also be given instructions on feeding.

2. Puppycare. Please go to my Puppycare page to find a list of items you will need to have on hand

3. How To Purchase- Please read my contract and also read the disclosure my front page about the Internet defamation one me. Check out current references on the front page and bottom of each puppy for sale page. Feel free to contact the customers that have allowed me to leave their emails or phone numbers. then if you feel safe buying from me you can call or text to get communication started. I can send a video of puppy with a security paper that has your name on it placed in the video with puppy.we require 50 % down and accept Zelle, and Bank to Bank Wires, and also Cash into my business account.

4. Photos while you wait for puppy to be released. Most of our puppies are sold while too young to leave us, which means we update photos for you weekly. So feel free to send us a text reminder on  Friday and if you don't have photos by Monday morning , then please send another text reminder Monday. Sometimes I have a dog in labor or family emergency  which may delay me for one to three days. I understand that updates are very important to our customers. but they do not take priority above my family duties, as well as  the time consuming excellent care of the cats and dogs that depend on me.

Vaccines. You puppy will have three Neopar vaccines and one to two multi vaccines before you take puppy home. I do not want any vaccines given to puppies for the first three weeks you have them home while they are under stress from the move and adjusting.

For the first 5 months of life the ONLY vaccines I approve of are the four ways combo shot.

It is a puppy shot that contains four vaccines that cover five diseases. PARVO, DISTEMPER, ADENO 2,HEPATITIS, PARAINFLUENZA

( Introducing a vaccine I don't like- LEPTO) Some times the four way shots are called "Five way shots" because they cover five disease,  BUT BEWARE because 'Five Way Shots" sometimes contain a vaccine called LEPTO as the 5th vaccine  ( thus covering 6 diseases) and this vaccine has high risk of side effects so should not be used at all if possible. ( if you have lept disease in your area then please still wait until puppy is at least 5 months before having the Lepto vaccine added ti your puppyshot. Keep puppy away from mice urine and from camping or other risk factors for Lepto)
Lepo vaccine can be dangerous and may not cover all the strain in your area. Also Lepto vaccine is only effective about 8 months, so must be repeated and personally if the risks are low for your dog, then it may be wiser to  avoid this vaccine. Ultimately the choice should be YOURS  and not your Vets, so research. I will discuss Vets and vaccines further down this page.

If the Vet insists on Lepto vaccine then please find out if the strains in your area are covered by the vaccine. Contact the vaccine company and even the CDC to see what strains of Lepto are in your area. Why use a more dangerous vaccine unless you know for sure the risks are worth taking?

Bortdella is another vaccine I dislike.  To me, Worse then the injectable form is  nasal drops. If the drops are placed in the nose of a small breed puppy that has not yet obtained an adult immune system, then the vaccine drops may produce a chronic inflammatory response in the tissues and who knows how long this may last. Please wait until your puppy is over 8 months old for this nasal liquid vaccine.

Giardia Vaccine- I just don't believe in vaccines for parasites or mild illnesses that are easily treatable. What more is there to say? Research it.Please don't use until adulthood.

Corona Vaccine- I hate this vaccine too. Are the risk of side effects really worth it in a relatively mild disease that usually attacks puppies under 3 months? Why are Veterinarians promoting this vaccine for adults? So, they say Corona is hitting adults now? But isn't it mild? Honestly, Veterinarians seem to peddle everything they are sold by the vaccine salesmen. Do you think Veterinarians are taught all about vaccines in school? Think again. I wonder if Veterinarians are given bonuses and lots of goodies to promote a vaccine companies products? I wouldn't be a bit surprised.

Rabies- Please make sure your Vet gives this vaccine BY ITSELF and not combined with any other vaccines. It amazes me the incompetence related to vaccines in the Veterinarian world. some of them just give the Rabies right along with the yearly booster and think nothing of it. Food for thought is .......How many  Veterinarians  SEE or WITNESS the dog  they vaccinate suffer vaccine related illness or injuries?  They don't! YOU are the one who takes the puppy home. YOU see the illnesses AND when you go back to the Vet a week  later with your sick pet,  the VET won't even be able to put 2 and 2 together to make 4 .....meaning they won't even remember the vaccines they gave a week ago and connect the dots. Need I say more? Don't forget SICK PETS are big business.

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