Vaccine Information
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Vaccines.I do not want any vaccines given to puppies for the first three weeks you have them home while they are under stress from the move. Once ity is time for puppy shots i advise only a FOURWAY under 5 months of age

FOUR WAY  ( four vaccines in one cover 5 diseases) puppy shot that contains four vaccines that cover five diseases. PARVO, DISTEMPER, ADENO 2,HEPATITIS, PARAINFLUENZA


1. Lepto Sometimes the four way shots are called "Five way shots" because they cover five disease( four vaccines in one  cover five diseases) ,but  BEWARE as 'Five Way Shots" may contain a vaccine called Lepto as the 5th vaccine  ( five caccines in one  covering 6 diseases) Lepto vaccine has higher  risk of side effects so should not be used if possible.
( if you have lepto disease in your area, please consider waiting  until puppy is at least 5 months and simply taking preventive measures such as  puppy away from mice urine and away from camping or  and other risk factors.
Lepo vaccine can be dangerous and may not cover all the strain in your area.  Lepto vaccine is only effective for about 8 months, so must be repeated. If the risks of disease are low for your dog, then it may be wiser to  avoid this vaccine. Ultimately the choice should be yours  and not your Vets, so research.If the Vet insists on Lepto vaccine then please find out if the strains in your area are covered by the vaccine. Contact the vaccine company and even the CDC to see what strains of Lepto are in your area. Why use a more dangerous vaccine unless you know the risks are worth taking?

2. Bortdella.  In my opinion the nasal drops are worse then the injectable. Research shows that drop placed in the nose of a small breed puppy may produce a chronic inflammatory response in the tissues can become chronic. Please wait until your puppy is over 8 months old for this nasal liquid vaccine, when the immune system is stronger.

3. Giardia Vaccine- I don't believe in vaccines for parasites or mild illnesses that are easily treatable. What more is there to say? Research it. Please don't use until adulthood, if you must.

4.Corona I hate this vaccine too. All my research shows it is a puppy disease and relatively mild. Are the risk of higher side effects with this vaccine worth it in a relatively mild disease?  If a puppy has parasites  and then contracts  coronoa on top of a pre exiting condition, then the illness may be worse.  Why are Veterinarians promoting this vaccine for adults? Is Corona  being contracted by adults now? Honestly, Veterinarians seem to peddle everything they are sold by the salesmen. I wonder if Veterinarians are given bonuses and lots of goodies to promote a companies' products? I wouldn't be a bit surprised.

Rabies- Please make sure your Vet gives this vaccine by itself and not combined with any other vaccines. It amazes me the incompetence related to vaccines in our Veterinarians. Some of them give the Rabies right along with the yearly booster shots  and think nothing of it. Veterinarians do not see the dogs they vaccinate suffer vaccine related illness or injuries because the dogs leave the office and go home with their owners. The owner notices their pet  is sick days after vaccination. Then the owner takes their dog back to the the Veterinarian who won't connect the illness with the vaccine he gave a few days before.