Sadly, in mid 2016 Scammers started building WEBSITES instead of using small ads as they had done for many years.  How did I find this out? A customer of mine contacted me that some of my puppy photos as well as her reference to me were being used on a scammer's website. At the time I thought everyone pays a website company, like I do, for building a website. I  called the website company to have the scam site removed, but to my dismay the contact was for the  Scammer himself! These crooks are not always paying website companies but can OWN the website itself!

I have been with homestead going on 16 years now. If I were a scammer my website can be deactivated by the Homestead website company or removed

Be aware that the online world isn't what it appears. REAL BREEDERS can look bad due to fake reports written on them by scammers who want consumers to flock to their constantly changing webite domains and title. The scammers have no concern about negative reviews  because they pull down their domains and bring up new ones every couple of months. you do NOT find reports on them because new fresh sites

How to know you are dealing with a REAL Breeder
1. Call and listen to the voice of the person you are dealing with. So far every customer that I have spoken to that was scammed said the voice of the scammer has middle Eastern accent foreigner

2. Movies with your name on a piece of paper placed in with the puppy. A scammer can steal a movie from a breeder, BUT can't have your name on a peice of paper in with the puppy you want in the movie

3. Ask for a Veterinarian number GOOGLE THE VET to make sure the address and vets name  goes along with  the number you were given. Call the Vet and ask them if the Breeder is true

email me  or call /Text 209-328-0953
Fastest response will be given for those who text or call.  I check email only once a day.....
Mind you  I have met a class of well raised millenniums which are a breath of fresh air , but its always a stunner to see the mind-set of the other on that age group.

I am 60 and I do not think this should be about a generation difference, but rather just about consideration. I just had a phone  debate with a 22 year old who felt she held the right to facetime me anytime she felt, without notice. She face-timed me without notice when I had stepped out of the shower minutes earlier. I saw my face in the phone with my hair sticking out all over like Philis  Diller, instantly i turn the phone to the side and click the decline button, just tyo have the darn cell di it AGAIN. I was not ready for "company"! At first thought I her facetime call was an accident as I have never had anyone try to facetime me without  the decency to tell me first. Why should I or anyone have to explain to a 22 year old that facetime takes you into a person's home and privacy, and it should only be done with consideration. I mentioned she could call me back in an hour or so. We all know that people answer their cells while they are in the bathroom, changing clothes, etc... Hell hath no fury like a scorned millennium!  She calls me a SCAMMER and she says I must be 80 years old, unprofessional, etc.... Well , I'm 60 young lady, and I will feel the same way about manners at age 80 too. By the way, Since when does a "scammer" REFUSE money? Update:  I have turned off the facetime feature.
For fun... each of us has our daily encounters with others in our workplace, or when out and about. Sometimes such encounters strike more of a funny bone rather then anger. So I might share some of my funnier encounters once in a blue moon