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3. Droopy Puppy Ears NORMAL up to 6 months
4. " All EARS" stage. Puppy ears are adult size by 4 months!
The teacup below grew to 3.8 lbs 7 inches length and the Micro 2 1/2 lbs 6  inches length. Usually the smallest puppy IS the smallest adult. If size is important to you then, buying the smaller puppy would be more logical  to lower your risk. Short cobby appleheads weigh a bit more then skinny Taco Bell types. If you like the tall skinny long leg Chihuahuas the weight is lower, but the body in inches is usually larger then the applehead cobby Chihuahua
                             2. Teacup and toy sizes
We promote awareness of toxic chemicals, found in many rubber and plastic dog toys. These chmicals are known to cause endocrines disorders, cancer, allergies, intestinal illness, autoimmune  and degenerative diseases. If it can't go into a human babies mouth then our Chihuahuas do not chew on it! Having mild OCD has it benefits when raising dogs. We buy our dogs organic cotton toys. Any rubber toys we ensure are BPA free. We use real lambs wool from "Holy Lambs Organics" and natural rubber foam pads placed inside of zipper cotton cushions for our dog beds. Non toxic alternatives for our pets are becoming easier to find.  Watch my Microwave video with my EMF meter
Environmental Toxin and Degenerative Diseases, Cancer, Allergies
Not all passenger flights carry animals because the transport of living animals must be done in a specially made room that is built inside of the airplane. The rooms have the same temperatures and air as passengers. Not all planes have this room so not all airplanes can carry animals. As you look up in the sky and see passenger planes traveling you can't know if that plane is one that carries animals or not, because you would not know if that particular plane has the special built room for animals.  All passenger planes carry luggage because suitcases do not need oxygen nor warm temperatures. IF you hear a rumor that  puppies  are thrown in with the suitcases then you can inform that person they do not have the proper Information.  A person or animal would die if put in with luggage in the cargo hold. When a puppy gets close to 11 weeks I will set the flight. I then will email the flight itinerary to you. Puppies travel inside a carrier with food and water, as well as blankets and potty pads. We have flown puppies for many years without injury or incident. We fly puppies once they reach 12 weeks of age or if micro size, around 14 weeks of age.Puppies between 11 to 14 weeks are the perfect age for shipping as they do not view anyone As a stranger and wag their tails for everyone. They love all people. Once puppies grow Into adults, they are more set in their ways, used to family members and a plane flight would be disturbing to them. I  would never fly an adult dog in cargo, just as I would never fly a pup under 11 weeks old.

1. Environmental toxins and Canine disease    2.Teacup and toy sizes.  3Chihuahua Puppy ears Droopy  4.All ear stage in Puppies   4.  5. Shipping Your Puppy