Never Give A Parvo Vaccine To A Puppy With Diarrhea, Worms, Cocci

Research shows that the parvo vaccine works by the vaccine lodging in the intestines and stimulating titer level in the intestinal lining. If the intestinal lining is inflamed with sores from worms, or parasites, then the Parvo vaccine and immune system are unable to work together  in a healthy normal environment, with  tragic results. It is possible for a modified live Parvo vaccine to  induce a parvo like illness when in a pup has inflamed or raw intestinal lining. Informed Vets now call this " Vaccine induced Parvo".  Many Vets are not even aware that this fatal illness can occur  from a modified live vaccine and this could be because the do not attend seminars on a regular basis. Not all vets have the same knowledge.
My advice is to deworm at 3 and 5 weeks before vaccinating and at the same time make sure no diarrhea is present. Of so then do a fecal test and start medications as prescribed . I give probiotics (Benebac) which help to crowd out harmful bacteria. Any puppies with loose stools after deworming suggests toxics and/or parasites and  it is advised for them to be placed on Albon for a few days before vaccinating since vaccinating a puppy with Cocci parasites or sore intestines may be as good as a death sentence in a young pup. I also advise Amber technology "Vaccine Detox" following vaccination. I suggest Amber Technology " Vibractra Plus" if puppy shows distress during vaccinations yet fecals are clear not showing worms or parasites. Be aware that Giarda does NOT show up in all fecal exams and any puppy who has ongoing diarrhea with weight loss should bring to mind Giardia even with a negative fecal result. In my opinion Any Vet of any worth will put a puppy with chronic diarrhea and weight loss on Flagyl for a trial run of three days. It may not be safe to use Vibractra with Albon or Flagy. This subject may also (for interesting details)  be researched under a lawsuit breeders brought against a major vaccine company when their vaccinated puppies died.  It is my opinion that the vaccine company certainly didn't understand the relationship between cocci infestation, inflammation of intestines  and Parvo vaccinations  or they may not have lost the lawsuit. Narcropsy showed the dead puppies were  infested with Cocci, a BREEDER liability, in my opinion. Breeders may argue back that vaccine companies should be made to disclose on their lables not to give to puppies a modifed LIVE Pavo vaccine  if puppies are showing any signs of intestinal issues.

Why a breeder might release  puppies too young.

Bad breeders toss 8 week olds into your hands WITHOUT vaccines and such a puppy is vulnerable to fatal Parvo. Bad breeders also want puppies gone by 8 weeks BEFORE the 8 to 12 week growth spurt. Once the growth spurt is over the dishonest breeder won't be able to trick you anymore about size.  age. A  breeder who is trying to pass off a  larger Chihuahua  as a teacup will want the puppy gone and in your hands BEFORE the growth spurt occurs. A second reason is because of the work involved with taking care of puppies. Mother dogs stop cleaning up  puppies around 6-8  weeks old and the breeder has to take over the job. How much easier is it for the breeder to let the puppy go early?

Canned dog food can spell D E A T H for puppies! 
Although the canning process kills bacteria in the animal meat used to make the dogfood, the endotoxins
( bacteria "poop")  from the meat may still remain behind once the bacteria cells are  destroyed. Tiny fragile puppies either can't handle these byproducts in canned food, or the canned food is far too rich and causes severe diarrhea. I steer away from it. I have never noticed any issues with a high quality premium dry foods. This issue appears only related to wet dog foods.  Besides tracing episodes in sick puppies to canned food when i was a novice breeder, I also received many emails once I posted the warnings. People contacted me with sick or dying puppies  they bought from other breeders. All these people had their  puppies on canned food! Even their Veterinarians didn't know the dangers! Some Veterinarians had actually advised the canned food for these too young puppies who had stopped eating due to stress and resulting illness. Following my advise on how to clean up the intestinal tract of the bad bacteria and toxins, most of their puppies recovered. To read more about safe human grade foods you can use for puppies  who are stressed, ill and refuse to eat, please see my page on feeding instructions  HERE

Too many vaccines may lead to health decline, even death.

Young puppies have immature immune systems and their immune system can become disrupted when hit with several disease at the same time. (vaccines simulate disease as I mentioned earlier ) How often in nature would any animal get hit with more then one disease at the same time? Never. In our puppies under 9 weeks we give only single Parvo vaccines which address the number one killer of puppies, CPV. This one vaccine allows the pup's  immune system to focus on the ONE simulated disease and build titer levels high enough to offer  protection against the disease. Studies have shown that multiple vaccines given at the same time in puppies under 10 weeks seems to  confuse the immune system so that it is unable to produce proper titer levels of protection. Vaccines simulate disease when put into the body. Protection from disease comes from the pup's  immune system . The immune system must respond in a specific way  against the disease the vaccine simulated, in order to produce antibodiesAccording to Dr. Pitcairn, vaccines intended to protect pets against acute natural diseases actually create chronic conditions with features of the disease the vaccine was supposed to prevent. Vaccines contain a number of toxic substances, including viruses, mutated bacteria, immune irritants, foreign proteins, and preservatives.

Symptoms of Vaccinosis

Common vaccine reactions include:
Lethargy  Stiffness 
Hair loss  Lack of appetite 
Hair color change at injection site  Conjunctivitis 
Fever  Sneezing 
Soreness  Oral ulcers 

More serious reactions:
Immunosuppression  Granulomas and abscesses 
Behavioral changes  Hives 
Vitiligo  Facial swelling 
Weight loss  Allergic hypersensitivity 
Reduced milk production (females)  Respiratory disease 
Lameness  Allergic uveitis 

Very severe illness:
Injection-site sarcomas (cancer)  Glomerulonephritis 
Anaphylaxis  Myocarditis 
Autoimmune arthritis  Encephalitis or polyneuritis 
Polyarthritis  Seizures 
Hypertrophic osteodystrophy  Abortion 
Autoimmune hemolytic anemia  Congenital abnormalities 
Immune-mediated thrombocytopenia  Embryotic (fetal) death 
Thyroiditis  Infertility 

Wouldnt it make more sense to have a blood test to check for titer levels against parvo and distemper instead? If antibodies are high enough in the pets blood to prevent  the main lethal diseases then why vaccinate for them that year?

Rabies vaccine. Use with caution. Some advice.
I receive many emails every year from families who wished they had seen my warnings first. Their adult dogs died following a rabies vaccine that their Vet had  given right along with the yearly booster vaccines. I have lectured on my site for years to never  permit a Vet to throw in the rabies shot along with the boosters.
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Walking Into the Arms Of A Scammer
True story of a consumer who passed on an honest breeder and walked into the "loving" arms of a scammer  
This is her email to me ( Yes I was the breeder that gave her an honest estimate of 3 lbs)

  Date: 9/20/2007 10:45:22 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time
  Do you have any itsy bitsy female puppies?
  I really want one that will be 2 lbs or under as an adult. 

She then requested that I promise her that Sherbert would be no more then  3 lbs grown
I refused to make such a  promise, so the woman left me to continue her search
How long before she found a Scammer to guarantee whatever she wanted to hear!

A year later she emailed me back  and said after she left me she bought a very expensive puppy  from a  "breeder" , paying $4000 and the puppy was sick requiring $2000 in medical.Her " teacup" was 8 lbs grown!
$6000  "Teacup" !

The woman made this statement about the puppy she had bought from the scammer:
"My  Chihuahua  is triple the size promised by the breeder,
  has a crooked jaw, long nose and is quite ugly"

Who did buy our little Sherbert ?
She was sold to a family in Ohio. They were happy the woman had passed her up! 
They flew here to California  to pick her up .
They called me  late 2008 to update me on her.
Sherbert  is full grown and weighs under 3 lbs
She is pictured with her owner below.